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Company profile (eff. February 2014)



January 1995:  Engineering Department
February 1995: Trading Department; since 2004 separate (ASDES GmbH)

all Drilling/Petroleum Engineers (grad. Diplom-Ingenieur), or Drilling Engineer (Toolpusher), respectively, with high experience and reputation


all offices with PCs (min. Pentium IV), local network, incl. periphery, several standard- and business-related special software (pls. refer to separate list)

Areas of Business:

Drilling Projects on:

  • Hydrocarbon-Exploration and -production

  • Cavern- and Pore Storages

  • Geothermal Energy and Thermal Water

  • Coal Bed Methane

  • Geoscientific Research

  • Special Applications


Available Services/Activities - IDEAS:

  • Drilling Consulting (general, and special purposes)

  • Elaboration of  Technical Concepts for Drilling Projects

  • Detailed Drilling Engineering

  • Recommendations of suitable Technologies

  • Determination of Needs for Optimization, Research and Development

  • Introduction of new Technologies into practical Application

  • Time- and Cost Calculation of Drilling Projects (multi-variant)

  • Elaboration and Formulation of Specifications and Tenders

  • Tendering for Drilling Projects

  • Approval procedures acc. Mining Law

  • Negotiations with public/official Institutions, Authorities, Companies, High-School- and University Institutes

  • Management of Drilling Projects

  • Coordination and Supervision of Drilling Projects

  • Coordination and Supervision of special Activities during Drilling

  • Elaboration of Expertises

  • Elaboration of Analyses and Studies


Available Services/Activities - ASDES GmbH:  

  • Trading with high-quality Drilling Tools (drill bits, etc.)

  • Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG); casing, tubing, drillpipe

  • Drill Strings, -Parts, and -Tools for special Applications

  • other Drilling Technology Products on request                          


Ing.-Büro Axel Sperber, Gruene Riede 20, D-31234 Edemissen, Tel.: +49 5176-90508,